Come Never

by Maria in the Shower

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released August 7, 2009

Maria in the Shower is:

Todd Biffard : Percussion & Repercussions
Brendon Hartley: Bass
Martin Reisle: Guitar, Trombone, Cello, Voice
Jack Garton: Trumpet, Accordion, Voice

Special Guest
Tim Sars: Baritone Saxophone
on 'Another Confused'

Another Confused & Waiting Life recorded by Neal Miskin 2008 at the Hive
Come Never & St. James recorded by Jack Garton & Martin Reisle 2007 at The Boathouse
All other tracks recorded by Todd Biffard 2009

Cover design and artwork by Martin Reisle & Brendon Hartley
Cover Drawing (when applicable) by Nayana Filkow



all rights reserved


Maria in the Shower Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Another Confused Self-Diagnosis
Don't know what‘s the matter with me now
i haven't eaten in a week,
find myself unable to manage past
the killspeak of social cues
and conventions that i used to
step over with such ease
For the first time
For the first time i feel the weight of this disease
this paralysis that seeps into my bones
leaves me helpless and alone
left to purchase my comfort
from a billboard or a payphone
cant find my way home now
don’t know what i belive anymore, don’t know what, i believe

i need to remember how to breathe
need to steep my soul
in something more than suicide
maybe I'm crazy
maybe i'm dead
maybe i’m just grossly underfed
yeah maybe its all inside my head but

Most of all
i think i'm terrified
that you might
that you might
that you might be right right right right

right right now
don't feel like lifting my weary head
lifting this heavy pen to (w)right(e) now
don't feel much like pouring more
empty breath from my skull
think i'll kill the rest of this day in bed

but tomorrow i am sure to think how lucky i am
that i can't control my brain-stem as deftly as my pen
cause if i had my way i wouldn't have woken up today
but as i’m still here
yeah I might as well greet fear with a sm -
-i'll(e) tell you that i've forgotten how to feel
tell you nothing seems real anymore
still cant force down a meal but i think

Most of all
i'm simply terrified
that you might
that you might
that you might be right
Track Name: The Waiting Life
Welcome to the Waiting room,
the Waiting life.
Entertained away inside an hourglass,
and our skulls are seen so clearly
through the puddles of flesh,
that evaporate so very fast

(rest in my distraction and the journey will be over,
we'll be there before you even know your traveling).

Laugh hard, you're only here for a moment
Live hard, you're gonna die today
Laugh hard before the curtain closes,
and this is all we're left to say...

It's over

It's over.
Track Name: Skin Like Newspapers
You will never see
only who I've been
and tomorrow
I will wash that all away
I'll wash it down the drain.
Track Name: Train of Pounding Hours
Ride this train of the pounding hours
as the day consumes and the light devours
my soul before my eyes

and won’t you ride with me a while longer
as your light my friend is a little stronger
than mine will ever be

And I wonder if I can
pour my soul out of this pen
And still hold on
(and still hold on)

cause if I cannot keep my place
on this train or make its pace
It keeps movin’ on
(keeps movin’ on)

Watch the day as it bleeds the light
as the severed sky drip the ink black night
into my open and willing veins

I’m feeling good but it’s bound to fade
as the edge of the razor blade
is never so far --------
(yeah it’s never so far) away

And I wonder if I can
pour my soul out of this pen
And still hold on
(and still hold on)

cause if I cannot keep my place
on this train or make its pace
It keeps movin’ on
(keeps movin’ on)

bleedin’ Lord
(we’re) bleedin’ Lord

I’m older now but it’s hard to say
if I’ve learned anything along the way
Or just laid a trail of bodies down

Sweat slave driven under beatin’ sun
ground into the earth until your course is run
and your body melts back into dust

But at the end of all these days
we all bleedin’ but a different phrase
of the same old song
we keep bleedin’ on

bleedin’ Lord
(we’re) bleedin’ Lord (x4)

(repeat until you die)
Track Name: L'Amour Fou
When god was a boy,
and everything was boring
he never dreamed that his love would get so big,
but it leaped out of his heart like a dancer
before the moon had time to wink

Now it spreads across the world like a cancer,
it's crawling up the walls
and his love has the chances of a blind man
spinning on a high-wire with his fingers in his ears!

But as long as the moon
is just a powdered balloon,
I'll be a fool in the name of music
and we can party in the name of love!
Track Name: Come Never
It seems that I have grown far too fond of you
and flowered far too soon
For a heart that could never contain mine and will
surely break it in two

And I know it’s been said many times that a heart cannot change
Still I’m chasing the sun down
But when you kiss me, (and) so clearly say
that you never could fall in love with me
I ’ m s t i l l h o p i n g
That tomorrow brings never around.

I fear that my life’s but a series of fantasies
That I’ve fooled even myself into believing
And I’ve done it so well
That I can no longer tell what’s real
And what I simply wish
That I could really feel
for you
‘cause I don’t know that I have ever really even been in love
when push comes out to shove
my self toward the truth
of this dream built for two
this silly dream that I’ve fashioned ‘round you

I worry that I may be incapable of loving at all
Though I let that weight fall on you
I know that a heart that wants something (as mine does)
May fashion it from air
Though nothing ever really w a s t h e r e
Hoping blindly for never
To grow into forever
Hoping someday that never will come