Maria in the Shower III

by Maria in the Shower/A Loving Offering

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    Artwork by Martin Abram Reisle (Hiakku by Aiden Brant-Briscall, Jack Garton, Martin Reisle and our friend Darry Danzig)

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The final batch of songs collected in one loving offering from the pens/hearts of Jack Garton and Martin Abram Reisle under the name Maria in the Shower.


released February 17, 2014

Jack Garton - Accordion, Vocals
Martin Reisle - Cello, Guitar, Vocals
Aiden Brant-Briscall - Violin, Vocals

Tracks 1, 3, 4, 6, & 12: Recorded by Mark Dolmont
All others self-recorded in Hamburg DE at the Heidbarghof
Special Thanks to Hinrich & Ursula Langeloh, and Siiri Rebane & the St. Catherine's Anglican Church, and everyone who had a hand in supporting the creation of this record.



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Maria in the Shower Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies
Come all ye fair and tender ladies,
Take warning how you court young men
They're like the stars of a summers morning
They'll first appear and then they're gone

If I had known before I courted
I never would have courted none
I'd have locked my heart in a box of golden
And fastened it up with a silver pin

I wish I were a little swallow
And I had wings and I could fly
I would fly away to my false true-lover
And when he'd speak I would deny

But I am not a little swallow
I have no wings nor can I fly
So I'll sit down here to weep in sorrow
And try to pass my troubles by

Do you remember our days of courting
When your head lay upon my breast?
You could make me believe by the falling of your arm
That the sun rose in the west
Track Name: First Love
I first found God when I was fifteen at the highschool concert hall,
She was in the orchestra I was in the band, I remember it well.
At first I saw that pretty little girl in boots eight inches tall,
that made her waiver like an angel playing violin on top of the berlin wall.
She looked so respelndnt in her ugly highschool sweater
That I knew right then and there that my hear just had to get her.
She played a song so sweet that all that I could hear
Was the voices of her fathers calling me
calling to me loud and clear.

Later in the year after having read "the broken wings" by Khalil Gibran
I gather up the courage to ask her on a date, so I asked her on one.
She looked at me and said, with eyes as grey as night,
She couldn't do it, because I wasn't Jewish, it would never be right
So I studied all night long and I practiced every day,
All six hundred Mitzvahs and the Aleph Bet Vav Gimmel Dalet Hey

Two weeks later I heard from her sister that she had been out on a date,
with a a boy with money and a drop down car, the kind I loved to hate.
When I asked her about this new boy, was he one of the chosen or one of the goy,
She said the later and I said "oy" and my heart just started to cry.

Well the lesson that I've come to know after looking back from so far,
If the feeling was true the you can always use it forever as a guiding star,
Beacause I still praise God and I study all the laws year after year,
Call him in his private number and I offer him up this prayer,
I say: Thank you Thank you for all this pain, deep inside of me,
if it wasnt for all this pain, I would probably just be happy, or something.
Track Name: Everything I Can't
I have done everything I can
Everything I've done I can
Have I done everything I can
Everything have I I have can I have done I everything

And all I can do now is wait with a song
on my lips, in my mouth, on my fingertips

I have nought but this
I have nought but a song on my lips
I have nought but this
Track Name: Star of Bannack
Under the lamplight's flickering gleam
In the dust of the dancehall floor
The beautiful Star of Bannack lies,
Never to shine no more.

Her beauty that once was as pure and as sweet
As the sun in a yellow rose,
Now lies in the dust at the miner's feet,
And clings to the sweat on their clothes.

She Had a sweetheart good and true
In the East which she left behind,
When she came to the West as so many do,
Her fame and her fortunes to find.

Her fame she did find on the dancehall floor
Where her beauty would turn men's heads,
She was queen of the stars in the smoke choked sky,
Now the beautiful star is dead.

Her's was a heart that knew not its own thorns,
a flower so wild and fair,
She trusted her friends and did never dream
That a bullet would find her there.

Now many an eye with tears is wet,
and many a laugh is still,
For the beautiful Star of Bannack lies
In a grave on a lonely hill.
Track Name: Run River Run
They say if you love it let it go,
Fire dance and river flow,
We are standing in this place,
By some cruelty or some grace.

We the people are a river
We're flowing to the sea together
The road ahead is made of water
So dive inside just like a lover

Run river run,
Flow river flow
You must run faster than the man,
Who wants to steal you for his own.

There is a time in this fair land
When the winter wind will make a sound
Those voice calling cross the plains
They are calling freedom by its name

Greed is made of steel and stone
But the river strong can break it down
We the people are a river
We're flowing to the sea together

When I lay my body down to rest
And my heart is quiet in my chest
I'll wish that I'll have done my best
At running deep and running fast

Run river run,
Flow river flow
You must run faster than the man,
Who wants to steal you for his own.

We the people are a river
Fire dance and river flow,
We are standing in this place,
By some cruelty or some grace.
Track Name: Old Joseph Brady
Come Jacob, come Liza, no time for to waste
And follow me down to the cold river's banks
Where I left dear Pappy wet up to his waist
singing "Carry me home on the morrow."

He tore off his gold watch, and his clothes he threw in,
to the river below him and though he can't swim
He cast off the boots that had long carried him, saying
"I've no more weight left to borrow"

"My dearest son Daniel, come bring me my wine,
my bread and mine fancies, for their fate as mine,
rest on these cold waves dancing out to the sea,
that will carry me home on the morrow."

But dear Joseph daddy, oh what can you mean?
Our home it lies westward cross holler and stream
Where wait for you Lily and Liza's new son
Why for deal their hearts such a sorrow?"

"Oh my dear son Daniel I've grown so old
and loved you each day but there's naught left to hold
So bring me my best mule, to plunge neath the cold
water carry me home on the morrow."

"Now won't you bring me my Love for you, here to my side
bring my Worry for Jacob and for Liza my Pride,
set the also beneath these dark channels to hide
for to pass through that water door" Oh

And he beckoned me down to the bank's bone white sands
called his wife and his daughter, his own grandson and
came they all, swept away by the river's cold hand
that will carry me home on the morrow.
Track Name: Molly The Train Jumper
How old are you Molly?
the stories you tell
the water is older the deeper the well
your voice is made out of train and steel string
where steel meets steel is the place where you sing
and you feel that there's gold at the heart of the thing
and an earth underneath worth a thousand times more
and a breath you can use to open a door
and a hope that the earth will still be there tomorrow
how old are you Molly?
you sing it so well
Track Name: Stasimon Chorus from Euripides Orestes
"You wild goddesses who dart across the skies
seeking vengeance for murder, we beg you to free
Agamemnon's son from his raging fury....
We grieve for this boy. Happiness is brief among mortals.
Sorrow and anguish sweep down on it
like a swift gust of wind on a sail boat,
and it sinks under the tossing seas."
Track Name: City of Glass
Dm Am/D Dm Am/D
under the rain and the rolling river
Gm/D Gm/E Am/Bb
city of glass where i was born
Dm Am/D Dm Am/D
people come not to remember
Gm/D Gm/E Am/Bb A7/Ab
but to run from where they're from

under the rain when i was younger
under the rain i learned my song
now that song it is my rider
and i'm the horse it travels on

Gm D+/F Ebm Cø7
Ahh---- Ahhh-----------

we have rolled across the mountains
stepped away into the sun

in the city sleep my my children
and when they wake i will be gone

Gm D+/F Ebm Cø7
Ahh---- Ahhh-----------


when i get home my landlord tells me
my whole family has to go
far from the room my son was was born in
these wooden floors we do not own

under the rain you'll find me cryin
under the rain to hide my tears
wash me away like all of history
like all the rest who once lived here

Dm Am/D Dm Am/D
i'm not the first and i'm not the last
Gm/D (Gm/E) Dm
to be betrayed by the city of glass
Track Name: Queen of Mercy
I see you standing
Standing at the crossroads
In the winter
Standing in your grave
Your legs are broken
Your bones feel the water
Its cold out in the rain

You dance real slowly
Hover to the rhythm
With a partner
Nobody else can see
Just like the cedar
Buried beneath the pavement
At Hastings street and Main

There is a blanket
Smells like salt and roses
Where I gave it
Where I gave it all away
Where are breathing
Hover into rhythm
Listening to the rain
Yeah we were listening to the rain

And the queen of mercy
She can feel your pain

There is a secret
A secret that you carry
Keeps you from sleeping
In the middle of the night
All the riches
You worked so hard to gather
Aren't as perfect as you claim
They're not as perfect as you claim

And the queen of mercy
Stands out in the rain singing

Her arms of silver
Holding up the plaster
Strong like the mountain
Where she took her name
I was her angel
Her angel of disaster
Her season in the rain

There are two doorways
Into her bedroom
And her blanket
She swims in like the sea
She sleeps between them
Buried beneath the sunrise
Hoping for the rain
Yeah she is hoping for the rain

And the queen of mercy
She will always let you try again
Track Name: Please Stop Getting Drunk And Sending Emails To My Wife
Please stop getting drunk and sending emails to my wife
She's got better things to do
Than to listen to the alcohol
Slosh around inside your skull
And get verbally assaulted
By someone who can barely string a sentence together

Well your not arrived in the inbox
I have to say your words cut like a knife
That's been dulled by many many years of sawing into rocks
It's down there with the dumbest things I've read in my life

'Cause you make a bathroom stall read like Cormac McCarthy
And I know your not the kind that likes to edit
But after spewing such abuse in the language of a preschool kid
Someday you might wish that you'd re-read it

'Cause it leaves you so exposed
You seem to be magnanimously dumb
A song like this is easy to compose
With a chorus every boy and girl can hum:

Please stop getting drunk and sending emails to my wife
She's got better things to do with her life
Than to listen to the alcohol
Slosh around inside your skull
Drowning out those few good parts of you

Well maybe it's technology and frankly that's what worries me
Anyone with venom and a minute
Can take a verbal shit into their keyboard
And others have to smell what was in it

But I'll give credit where the credit is due
You've bitched at a lot of people in your day
Yeah, your the kung-fu master of the insensitive remark
Your the Einstein of the stupid thing to say

So please stop getting drunk and sending emails to my wife
She's got better things to do with her life
Than to listen to the alcohol
Slosh around inside your skull
Turn your words into a toxic stew
That is drowning out those one, or two, good parts of you.

No you weren't invited to the wedding
Deciding that didn't take much time
'Cause although I know you're probably forgetting
The inbox you used to send things to was mine.
Track Name: Oh Molly Dear
Wake up wake up, you drowsy sleeper
Wake up wake up for its almost day
How can you stand to sleep and slumber
When your true lover's going away

Well once I came from old Virginia
To North Carolina did I go
And there I spied a nice young lady
Oh her name I did not know

But here hair was black and her eyes was sparklin'
And on her cheeks to diamonds red
And on her breast she wore a lilly
Oh the tears that I did shed

When I'm asleep I'm dreamin' about her
When I'm awake I get no rest
for every moment seems like an hour
Oh the pains that cross my breast

Oh Molly dear go ask your mother
If you my bride might ever be
If she says "no" come back and tell me
and I no more will trouble thee

"Oh no I'll not go ask my mother
For she lies on her bed at rest
And in one hand she holds a dagger
To kill the man that I love best"